Gravity & Transience // Installation // 03/2019

Many thanks to REM art space for hosting the exhibition in Beyoglu /Istanbul.

The installation “Gravity and Transience” by Aylin Yavuz, initially shows a group of black balloons filled with helium floating on the ceiling of the gallery. The colorful ribbons tied to the balloons, hang from the ceiling to the floor. They appear to the viewer at eye level and convey a positive, carefree and humorous image from childhood. The colorful ribbons, the apparent protagonists of the work, move like garlands, revealing many interweavings and random connections, like life itself.
Since the supporting power of helium in the black balloons wears down after a while, they begin to lose their power or weightlessness and descend very slowly, to the eye level of the observer, which is hardly noticeable. One is delighted at the playful nature of the exhibition and does not want the colorful ribbons to stop their subtle movements, though the visitor themselves are contributing to the changes in temperature and atmosphere and thus are the cause of these physical changes.
A gloomy atmosphere is created by the image of the black balloons, which now assume the role of the protagonists, lulling the viewer into an odd sense of insecurity.

We are confronted with the physical nature and our reality that this weightlessness is also of finite duration.


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