The artist Aylin Yavuz (*1983 in Germany) has been working since 2005 on the themes of links, interweaving and connections, which she exhibits through the media of drawing, painting, performance, video and installation.

In her work Aylin Yavuz incorporates aspects of the present, filtered through
a postmodern, aesthetic approach, which leaves room for the viewer’s own imagination.

Deconstruction and composition, addition and simultaneousness, combination and allusion are her artistic methods. Commencing from the idea that everything is connected with each other and intrinsically has an order but no hierarchy, she shys away from any striking and dramatic effects, instead tends to capture the viewerʼs calm and contemplative yet light-hearted spirit.
Aylin Yavuz eliminates the standart concept of beauty and offers through her art a different perception, beyond the criteria of conventional aesthetics.